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Ottoman Main Menu

Mezeler / Starters: Hot

1 Soup of the day £3.50
Freshly made soup daily served with hot bread.

2 Hellim £4.50
Grilled Cyprus cheese.

3 Muska Borek £4.30
Filo pastry triangles stuffed with feta cheese, parsley, freshly fried.

4 Falafel £4.00
A blend of chickpeas, broad beans, leeks, coriander, garlic & herbs.

5 Patlican Kizartma £4.50
Fried aubergines served with green & red bell peppers topped with a creamy garlic yoghurt.

6 White Bait £4.50
Tiny fish lightly fried with a squeeze of lemon.

7 Karides Grill £6.00
King prawns grilled & served on a bed of lettuce topped with a parsley& garlic sauce dressing.

8 Karides Kavurma £6.50
King prawns fried with garlic, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers & onions.

9 Kalamari £4.60
Squid rings flavoured in crispy batter then deep fried.

10 Sucuk £4.10
Traditional Turkish garlic sausage, charcoal-grilled.

11 Arnavut Cigeri £4.50
Succulently diced lambs liver pan fried & served on a bed of onions.

12 Icli Kofte £4.90
Minced meat with parsley & onion, covered with crushed wheat& lightly fried.

13 Potatoe Kofte £4.50
Minced meat, grated potato, onion, parsley, cumin & lightly fried.

14 Kiymali Borek £4.60
Filo pastry filled with minced meat, onion & parsley.

Mezeler / Starters: Hot

15 Beyaz peynir £3.10
White cheese made from goats milk served on a bed of lettuce.

16 Yogurt £3.00
Delivered daily traditional Turkish yogurt.

17 Humus £4.20
Crushed chick peas, tahini (sesame paste), lemon juice & garlic.

18 Tarama £4.00
A blend of smoked cod roe, olive oil, & lemon.

19 Cacik £4.00
Pronounced jajik yogurt added with cucumber, mint & garlic to make creamy sauce dip.

20 Patlican Salatasi £4.40
Pureed aubergines, prepared with lemon juice, olive oil & garlic.

21 Imam bayildi £4.95
Aubergines stuffed with onions, herbs, & bell peppers.

22 Yaprak Dolmasi £4.10
Vine leaves stuffed with a mixture of rice, onion & herbs.

23 Tabule £4.00
A mixture of parsley, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions & olive oil.

24 Avocado £4.80
Avocado topped with a vinaigrette made with olive oil, vinegar, sprinkle of salt & a drizzle of lemon.

25 Avocado & karides £5.60
Avocado filled with prawns topped with a special seafood sauce.

26 Karides cocktail £5.00
Prawns on a bed of lettuce covered with a seafood sauce.

Ana Yemekler / Main Course

We can even do platter dishes for friends and family to share. Great way to try a variety of dishes. Platter dishes are served with choice of meat ontop of a bed of rice served on a large dish also with a separate dish of salad.

Platter dishes are £6.50 plus the additional choice of dishes. Minimum of three dishes.

    Per Dish Platter
27 Yaprak Doner
House special lamb shawarma doner seasoned with fine herbs, served with rice & salad.
£8.50 £7.00
28 Tavuk (chicken) Doner
House special chicken shawarma doner seasoned with fine herbs, served with rice & salad.
£8.50 £7.00
29 Kleftico (oven Kebab)
Lamb shank oven roasted, served with roast potatoes & salad.
30 Kuzu (lamb) Shish Kebab
Marinated cubes of lamb charcoal-grille, served with rice & salad.
£10.95 £7.25
31 Cop Shish
Select pieces of lamb diced into small cubes served with salad & rice.
£9.50 £6.45
32 Tavuk (chicken) Shish Kebab
Charcoal-grilled seasoned breast of chicken, served with rice & salad.
£9.50 £6.45
33 Kuzu/tavuk mix
Chicken & lamb kebab mixed served with salad & rice.
£10.25 £7.20
34 Adana Kofte
Spicy minced lamb on skewers, grilled then served with rice & salad.
£9.50 £6.00
35 Kaburga Tarak
Lamb spare ribs charcoal-grilled, served with rice & salad
£9.50 £6.00
36 Pirzola
Tender lamb chops grilled on skewers served with rice & salad.
£12.45 £10.00
37 Lokma Kebab
Select filets of lamb rolled together & held in place with tooth picks grilled then served with rice & salad.
£13.50 £10.00
38 Halep
Spicy minced lamb prepared with a tomato based sauce served over a bread base with rice.
39 Sirloin steak
Premium cut steak, charcoal-grilled served with chips & salad.
40 Beyti
Spicy minced lamb with garlic & parsley, served with rice & salad.
£9.95 £6.00
41 Tavuklu Beyti
Minced breast of chicken with garlic & parsley, served with rice & salad.
£9.60 £5.90
42 Bildircin
Grilled quails on skewers served with rice & salad.
£9.90 £6.50
43 Baby Chicken
Whole baby chicken on a skewer served with rice & salad.
44 Tavuk kanat
Marinated Chicken wings charcoal-grilled, served with rice & salad.
£8.95 £6.95
45 Musakka
Aubergines, courgettes, potatoes, & minced lamb topped with béchamel sauce, served with salad.
46 Patlican Kebab
Sliced aubergines with minced lamb, charcoal-grilled& topped with home-made sauce, served with rice & salad
47 Mix Grill
Selection of chicken shish lamb shish, kofte, served with rice & salad.
48 Bird Mix
2 quails, 2 chicken wings, chicken doner, served with rice & salad.
49 Chicken Mix
4 pices chicken shish, chicken doner, 2 chicken wings, 1 quail, served with rice & salad.
50 Mix 1
2 chicken wings, 2 kaburga, 1 pirzola, chicken doner, lamb doner, served with rice & salad.
51 Mix 2
2 skewer cop shish, one piece lokma, chicken doner, lamb doner, served with rice & salad.
52 Mix 3
Chicken doner, lamb doner, 4 piece chicken shish, 4 piece lamb shish, 1 piece lokma, served with rice & salad.


53 Ottoman special
Comes with pirzola, kaburga, cop shish, adana, tavuk kanat, one bildircin served with rice & salad.

Yogurtlu Kebabs / Kebabs with Yoghurt

All dishes come with a crispy fried bread base topped with a home made fresh tomato based sauce layered with the meat dish of your choice finished with yoghurt & butter sauce.

54 Iskender £9.25
Lamb or chicken doner kebab served with rice.

55 Yogurtlu Adana £9.50
Grilled spicy minced lamb served with rice.

56 Yogurtlu Beyti £9.50
Grilled spicy minced lamb with garlic served with rice.

57 Yogurtlu Cop Shish £9.50
Grilled cubes of lamb served with rice.

58 Yogurtlu Tavuk Shish £9.50
Grilled cubes of chicken served with rice.

59 Yogurtlu Tavuk Beyti £9.50
Minced breast of chicken with garlic & parsley served with rice.

Balik / Seafood

60 White Bait £9.50
Lightly fried tiny fish eaten whole with lemon served with chips& salad.

61 Karides Kavurma £12.45
King prawns fried with garlic, parsley, tomatoes, green peppers & onions. Served with salad and chips

62 Karides Grill £10.45
Grilled king prawns, served with chips & salad.

63 Salmon Steak £11.95
Grilled salmon, served with chip & salad.

64 Grilled Tuna Steak £10.95
Grilled tuna steak coated in olive oil grilled with chips & salad.

65 Grilled whole Sea Bass £12.95
Grilled whole sea bass served with chips & salad.

66 Kalamari £9.50
Deep fried battered squid rings served with chips & salad.

Vegetarian Dishes

67 Vegetarian Musakka £8.50
Aubergines, courgettes, potatoes topped with béchamel sauce served with salad.

68 Imam Bayildi £8.50
Oven baked aubergines stuffed with onions, tomatoes & green peppers served with rice.

69 Guvec £8.25
Aubergines, potatoes, green peppers, courgettes, tomatoes & onions, herbs, cooked in olive oil served with rice.

70 Falafel £8.00
A blend of chickpeas, broad beans, herbs, deep fried served with humus & salad.

71 Patlican Kizartma £8.25
Fried aubergines & green peppers with a yoghurt & garlic sauce served with rice.

Salata/ Salads

72 Feta Cheese Salad £4.95
Mixed salad with olive oil topped with feta cheese.

73 Yesil Salata £3.50
Mixed green salad

74 Ezme Salatasi £5.25
A spicy mix of onions, peppers, tomatoes, parsley, drizzled with olive oil & lemon juice.

75 Parsley, Tomato & Onion Salad £3.50
Diced tomatoes, onions, parsley & a drizzle of lemon.

76 Coban Salatasi £4.25
Cucumber, tomatoes, onion & parsley all diced up & mixed with olive oil, lemon & a hint of salt.

Set Menus

77 Mixed Meze & main (for 2 people) £34.95
Come with salad & rice.
A choice of three hot starters Sucuk, arnavut cigeri, Hellim, Muska Borek, Kalamari, White Bait & Falafel.
A choice of three cold starters Humus, cacik, tarama, tabule, beyaz peynir & yaprak dolmasi.
Choice of two Main Meal Chicken Shawerma, Lamb Shawarma, Chicken Shish, Lamb Shish, Adana
Kofte, Lamb Ribs, Chicken Wings.
Dessert: Baklava

Cocuk Menu / Kids Menu
Served with your choice of rice or chips. (Under 14 years of age only)

78 Burger £6.50
79 Chicken Burger £6.50
80 Chicken Nuggets £6.50
81 Chicken Shish £6.50
82 Lamb Shish £6.50

Side Orders

83 Rice 83 Rice £2.00
84 Chips £2.50
85 Yoghurt £2.95
86 Bread £1.50
87 Olives £2.5 0
88 Onion rings £2.00

Two transactions per table. If more than two transaction is made per table,£1.50 will be added to each transaction.