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Ottoman Desserts

Tatlilar / Desserts

1 Sutlac £3.00
Rice & milk pudding.

2 Home-made mixed Turkish dessert £3.00
A mix of home-made Turkish desserts

3 Ice cream £3.00
Two scoops per portion and a Choice of Vanilla, strawberry & chocolate.

5 Chocolate fudge cake £3.20
Moist, rich chocolate fudge sponge with a chocolate fudge filling & decorated with chocolate chips.

6 Croccante cocco £4.00
Coconut ice cream, chocolate ice cream with a grated coconut coating.

7 Bombed by chocolate £3.50
Chocolate ice cream bombe with a chocolate sauce centre, enrobed in real Belgian chocolate.

8 Vesuvius £3.50
Hazelnut ice cream with a chocolate sauce centre, covered with a white chocolate coating & sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts.

9 Tartufo nero £3.80
Truffle shaped zabaglione and chocolate ice cream, rolled in crushed hazelnut & dusted with cocoa powder.

10 Corbeille de fruit £4.50
Vanilla ice cream and forest fruits sorbet, coated with raspberry sauce and topped with a chocolate disc, a cherry, a raspberry
& a sugar leaf.


11 Black Coffee £1.50
12 Cafe Latte £1.75
13 Cappuccino £1.75
14 Espresso £1.50
15 Double Espresso £1.75
16 Turkish Coffee £1.50
17 Turkish Tea £1.00